Rhythmkeeper was born from Anna Balston's desire to contribute to a collective remembering of what is sacred. To be keeping rhythm is to be living in harmony with your essential nature, and your time and place.



Anna is a tantra yoga teacher in Perth, Western Australia. Anna’s teaching empowers you to trust in your innate wisdom and open yourself to the transmission of yoga. Beginning her yoga practice in 2005, she has completed 500 hours of yoga teacher training within the ISHTA lineage and is a forever student of tantra - the path of intimacy with all of life. She teaches from her personal experiences of ‘living yoga' as they unfold in the messy playground of daily life.


Anna believes that every season of our inner and outer worlds can be navigated more gracefully with the appropriate attunement of posture, breath and awareness. In the studio she teaches a playful and rhythmic flow accompanied by thoughtfully curated music, with plenty of options to modify your practice to suit you. Expect a weaving of poetry, mantra, mystic spirituality, mythology and free movement. Her yin classes offer a warm, nurturing space for finding centre, deepened by a rich understanding of the subtle energy system. When Anna is away, her students miss her hearty adjustments, soothing voice, frequent giggle and relatable approach to spirituality.


Anna holds a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and a Bachelor of Education, both of which inform her considered approach to teaching and self-development. She is currently studying a Master of Counselling. Outside of the studio Anna offers ceremony as an authorised marriage celebrant and Reiki practitioner. Anna lives and breathes the essence of tantra and delights in finding a sense of the sacred within every aspect of the human experience.