Blessings + Namings 

We all want to feel that we are connected to our community and that we belong. Blessings are a beautiful opportunity to gather family and friends, celebrate new life, new beginnings and a new member of the family. A naming ceremony is simple a celebration with intention: the intention to connect and honour the child.


Unlike a formal religious christening, a blessing for a baby or a child is a relaxed and fun celebration of gratitude and well-wishes. It lays a foundation of shared values, support, unconditional love and care for your child. It's a beautiful way to honour your support circle, parents, grandparents or those who have passed, as well as continuing or creating new family traditions. Your children can be of any age.

"After the birth of my second child I felt like the time was right to celebrate our children and the impact that they had on our lives in a more formal way. A baptism didn’t seem like the right fit for our family and so we decided to go ahead with a naming day/family blessing.


We knew that we wanted something relaxed and informal while still upholding a reverence for the ceremonial aspect of the day, and creating a spiritual space in which to celebrate our children. We wanted a fresh modern ceremony while still weaving in spirituality and a connection to Mother Nature. Anna completely supported us in this process from the beginning and helped us carve out the foundations of the ceremony. She empowered us to make it our own and to incorporate my love of essential oils to bless our children.


From the initial words out of Anna’s mouth when she acknowledged the traditional owners of the land we stood on, I knew we had made the perfect choice. The ceremony was relaxed and joyous, modern and fresh but with a strong connection to the most important things in life- love, family and friends. I am SO thrilled we used Anna for our special family blessing!"

Kathryn Hood

Hood Family Blessing Day

May 11, 2019

All images below by Amy Thomasine

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