A meditation to settle into your body (Apana Vayu) - Anna Balston
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Whether it's work, family, friendships, housework, social media or a never-ending to-do list , this world is constantly calling us outwards. It's easy to become overwhelmed by the feeling of everything and everyone needing our energy and attention.


When I'm busy, I notice myself starting to function from a place that is less centred - as if I'm operating from the periphery of my self, rather than a unified place of head, heart and body. When this starts to happen I know I need to strengthen apana vayu: the energetic force within each of us that grounds, steadies and calms. When we spend a lot of time thinking, planning and 'doing', the downward flow of apana becomes weak. When Apana is weak we experience more doubt, fear, overwhelm and worry. There are a few tantric practices I draw on to bring myself back in to my body  - and this breath and body awareness meditation technique is one of them.


This 7-minute guided meditation is super grounding and allows you to feel what it's like to activate apana vayu.  Please listen and enjoy!

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