My teaching offers a sense of ritual and honours the sacred. I began practicing yoga as a teenager in 2005 but it was my initiation into Vedic meditation with Laura Poole in 2012 that revealed to me a true transcendental experience of yoga. I then found the Siddha Yoga community, where I immersed myself in the joy of chanting kirtan and group meditation, and the path of becoming a teacher of yoga unfolded.


I have completed 350 hours of training with Tamara Graham in the ISHTA (Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda) lineage. I am first and foremost a student of tantra, and my style as a teacher is grounded in my own experiences of these teachings as they unfold in my daily life. You can expect a weaving of poetry, mantra, mystic spirituality and free movement informed by the classical yoga teachings.


My primary intention as a yoga teacher is to empower students to trust in their own wisdom, and open to receive the transmission of yoga not just intellectually or physically, but as a deeply felt personal experience.


I also offer ceremony as an authorised civil celebrant, and have built a heart-centred career holding sacred space to honour life’s stages and transitions.


I have been initiated into Reiki Level 2 and also studied formally, holding degrees in Behavioural Science (Critical Psychology) and Secondary Education, both of which inform my teaching of yoga and my understanding of how we learn and evolve as humans.