Śrī: A remembering through song and story

14 March, 2024


Join us for a reverent evening of kirtan in honour of Śrī.


Thursday March 14, 2024, Cottesloe.

Śrī is a title of great respect for shakti: the life force that expresses itself through and as the natural world. Śrī, as a name for the divine, calls forth in particular the qualities of abundance, beauty, benevolence and auspiciousness that we are blessed to know and experience as her grace in our lives. We think of Śrī as a 'golden' quality.

Together, we'll will chant three mantras in call-and-response style, each mantra inviting us to experience a unique expression of Śrī through song.

Our chanting will be interwoven with tales of the goddess and excerpts from sacred texts for contemplation. The evening will culminate in silence and stillness as we allow the resonance of the mantras to permeate more deeply.

Tickets are $25. Address will be supplied upon booking. Places are limited.