Getting Away Gracefully

10 May 2021

Tips for more graceful travel from someone who is allergic to lines, crowds, fluorescent lighting and disturbed sleep.

1. Lavender balm for temples and neck stiffness. I like this Tinderbox one but an essential oil works too.

2. Blue light blocking glasses for night time travel and airports/planes that have lots of fluorescent lights.

3. Cosy socks. Feeling into your feet and legs as much as possible and keeping the feet warm minimises vata imbalance (+anxiety). Being warm in general helps with this, so, extra layers! I love these Bassike socks.

4. Hydrating face spray to counteract the dehydration from the atmosphere of the plane. I find the spray also helps to create a feeling of energetic reset as you transition between spaces. This Aesop spray is my favourite.

5. Meditate as much as possible to avoid your state being influenced by collective fears/chaos/hyper vigilance. Try the free meditation at the bottom of this page or take my Introduction to Tantric Meditation course.

6. Wear an eye mask for any time you can find a safe spot to withdraw the senses (I just use one I was once given on a plane).

7. Find a massage chair and take the opportunity for some physical touch to help you to stay embodied.

8. As often as possible remember: longer exhale than inhale.

9. Continually remind yourself to soften your pelvic floor. Visit Femme Physio for all the pelvic floor tips.

10. Get outside the airport for a short time if you can between flights. Breathe some fresher air and find some greenery.

11. And lastly but certainly not least-ly, stay hydrated!

Happy travels.