Keeping Rhythm: Delta Venus

31 May 2019

Last year I stumbled across a piece of artwork that conjured sights and sounds from the time I spent in Egypt when I was 18. Something about the lines and tones - an earthiness and a timelessness. On further investigation I discovered the artist was Delta Venus. Delta's work appears to emerge from the dream space - an interfacing of conscious and subconscious, inner world and outer world. Her Egyptian heritage emerges in her work through symbology and a reverence for ancient wisdom.

My travels through Egypt were the beginning of an awakening of sorts. It was an initiation into the unknowns of solo travel, a deep and unexpected cultural immersion, and a journey into a landscape, language and spirituality that were more ancient than I had ever encountered closely.

This trip was long before I connected in a meaningful way with the yogic path or my faith and yet when I look back, the experiences I had in Egypt laid the foundations for the spirituality that is now so central in my life. Revisiting my journal from these travels I hear in my words a sense of awe and wonder about the magic of this place. I recount an inexplicable wind that moves through me as I sit on a stone ledge overlooking the great pyramids and a "peace that cannot be known through pictures or words". Nights of drumming and singing in a remote bedouin village in the White desert, plunging into hot springs that suck you into the sand and spit you out again, days spent in temples and tombs contemplating life after death, and a pilgrimage to the top of Mt Sinai, the place where Moses received the ten commandments.

What led me to this place and to these experiences I do not remember. I had no practical purpose for being there and it hadn't been recommended by anyone I knew. It is only now that I can see how I needed to be there, how that land had so much to teach me and open within me. 10 years later, it brought me to Delta Venus and to feeling that special place in myself reignited by her work. Such is the magic of mystical transcendence, that we can find a shared sense of the sacred through the expression of our own experience. Incredibly, Delta only began to explore art 18 months ago! An inspiring thought for all among us who have an inner voice urging us to explore our creative expression. Here is a little insight into her process...

What does a morning look like for you?

My morning routine is slow and intentional. I start with a yin yoga practice followed by a morning meditation to set my intentions for the day ahead. Next, I pull a tarot card for the day and make a morning brew of turmeric, honey, and reishi. My morning routine is finished up with a quick gratitude journal. This routine has become my morning ritual and honestly my favourite part of the entire day.

How does ritual feature in your life?

Ritual has become a hugely important part of my life. Ritual has created space for daily self-love and care, giving me an overall sense of wellbeing I didn't have before it. I have daily rituals, weekly rituals, and monthly rituals. These are tied in with the lunar cycles and how my mind and body is feeling at the time.

At the beginning of each week, my ritual is to start with an in-depth tarot reading for the week ahead. During the new moon I set my intentions for the month ahead and after the full moon, I write a list of anything I need to let go of and leave in that cycle. Connection with nature and dance are also part of my ritual practice.

Where does creativity come from?

I believe creativity comes for source energy or connection with universal consciousness. Anyone can access it, it's just about creating the space for the ideas to flow.

In your words...

Love: is our greatest lesson and our greatest teacher.

Faith: in divine timing is an essential part of a harmonious existence.

God: is energy and is everywhere, in everything and most importantly is you.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned about intimate relationship?

The greatest lesson I have learned from my relationship is empathic understanding. The ability to see things through my partner's eyes and feel things through his heart has given me a greater sense of patience in moments when things are hard. Oh and laughter is our greatest tool for healing! I can't begin to explain the power of sharing laughter together.

What might surprise us about you?

I have only been painting and practicing as a visual artist for 18 months. This fact has been received so differently across the board, but I like to let people know as I think its testament to the fact that you can really pursue any passion in your life at any point in time without prior knowledge or training. I am currently training as a spiritual life coach at the moment and my main focus is to help people realise their power and purpose access the highest versions of themselves.

What inspires you?

Everything! I am asked this question a lot and feel a little bad that I can't quickly rattle off a few names or sources of inspiration. But inspiration, for me, really needs to come from absolutely anything and everything at any given time. The smell of jasmine in the springtime, the way the morning light dances across my walls, hot tea, a child's laughter, watching an elderly couple walk through the markets. There is beauty hidden in everyday moments all around. It is my job as an artist to uncover this beauty and repackage it for those who might have missed it.

Do you have a mantra that’s particularly close to your heart?

I am divinely protected. I repeat this one any time I feel anxious or unsafe.

A much loved song, reading or piece of poetry:

I have kept this quote by Carl Jung beside my workspace for the past 3 years and I send it out with most of my artwork. It really resonates with me...

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

- Carl Jung

Delta is in the process of launching a new website which will encompass other areas of her work and life outside of art. So, for now, the best place to connect is via Instagram @deltavenus