Keeping Rhythm: Jayde Skeffington

22 Jul 2019

Some people just ooze a radiant energy of magnetism and abundance. Jayde Skeffington is definitely one of those people! Jayde is the creatress and designer behind Indigo Jade (designs featured below), a heart-centred, ocean-inspired jewellery label that donates 10% of profits to organisations that save and protect the oceans and planet, including Green Peace, Australian Marine Conservation, Oceana Organisation, Sea Shepard and 4Ocean. Today, we get a little insight into Jayde's life, creative process and what inspires her.

What does a typical morning look like for you?

I find my morning routine is something that kick starts my mood for the day and keeps my mind clear and on-track. I like to start my mornings with a green smoothie, full of all the ‘good stuff’ to feed and nourish my body so it’s ready for the day. I like to move my body in some way, usually a walk or vinyasa flow class followed by a nice shower so I can relax into a meditation, finishing with my affirmations and goals for the day.

How does ritual feature in your life?

My meditation would have to be the biggest ritual in my life. I try to meditate everyday for 15-20 mins. I find it clears my head from doubt and unwanted noise. It helps me see my goals and desires clearly. If I have a few days off or can’t find time while I'm travelling or busy I can really notice the difference in my energy.

Where does creativity come from?

Creativity for me stems from my travels and from being surrounded in nature. I find travelling to different places with different cultures really opens my mind. I also find huge amounts of creativity by being surrounded in nature. From the wild yet calming ocean to the lush, welcoming, green forests. I honestly think nature is just so incredibly beautiful and where I find a lot of clarity which then stems to creativity.

In your words...

Love: The strongest, most powerful, most beautiful emotion that if felt deeply enough by everyone could change the world on a global scale in a heartbeat.

Faith: The trust and belief you have in your self, The trust and belief you have in the universe.

God: A very high consciousness that binds each and every one of us together through energy and love.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned about intimate relationship?

Communication, I think in today’s world it is so easy to misinterpret things or we create a preconceived idea in our head before opening our mouths to speak. Having clear respectful communication from both ends, I think, is the most important thing you can have. Also, forgiveness. I have learnt that being hurt in a relationship, then overcoming it, gives you some kind of strength within yourself, but to then forgive creates a far more powerful strength that you will always carry inside inside you. And also to have FUN! Intimate relationships should always bring out the inner child in both of you. Society is so serious. Live free and wild, play and learn from each other, love is so special.

What might surprise us about you?

Hmmm well since I was little I have had a crazy obsession with the ‘unknown’ (most people that know me, know this haha). If you want to know what I’m watching every night before bed it’s documentaries on the universe, planets, aliens, spirits, ancient civilisations, free energy technology, studies on psychedelics, the consciousness of humans & the planet, just to name a few haha. Anything that isn’t in the mainstream media and that challenges the system I am obsessed with!

What inspires you?

I find a lot of inspiration in people. People that are completely confident and comfortable within themselves. Flaws and all. People who have an open & positive outlook on life. I find I am drawn to these humans as they shine bright, so bright that you can feel them from across the room.

Do you have a mantra that’s particularly close to your heart?

I have a few but a simple one I seem to find myself always saying, that stemmed from a need for self-confidence in social or intimidating situations, is:

"All I can be is myself, and myself is full of love, therefore all I will attract, is love."

A much loved song, reading or piece of poetry:

I recently found this quote by Osho and it really resonated with me -

Take hold of your own life.

See that the whole existence is celebrating.

These trees are not serious, these birds are not serious.

The rivers and the oceans are wild,

and everywhere there is fun,

everywhere there is joy and delight.

Watch existence,

listen to the existence and become part of it.

- Osho

You can follow Jayde on Instagram @jayde_skeffington or Indigo Jade