Uluru: To the heart

22 Jul 2021

Two years ago I was at home watching videos of Uluru, feeling drawn to its energy and a strong pull to travel there. I feel for many it's a place that's on the bucket list but not something we prioritise as it's so close to home.

Within hours of watching those videos, an email landed in my inbox...

"Hi Anna, any chance we could fly you to Uluru to marry us next year? Love, Laura + Michael"

I have tuned into some powerful manifestations in my life and I trust more and more in the process all the time, but this was seriously rapid. Dreamy and life affirming!

After a COVID set back in 2020, we finally made it to Uluru to celebrate their wedding May 5, 2021.

I really recommend hiring the audio guide from the info centre. It's full of so much knowledge from Anangu elders, geologists and botanists. It's GPS activated so it answers all the questions that are popping into your head at exactly the perfect moment wherever you are around the rock.

I found the energy of Uluru compelling, almost magnetic. I couldn't resist pressing my chest to the rock (at a culturally appropriate point in the walk). I felt deep peace emanating from the arkose.

A beautiful trip and a beautiful wedding. Some of these images are available as prints at www.lajosvarga.com