Chapter One of 'Everything I Do Not Know'

12 Sep 2022

Being at peace with not knowing came to represent something very powerful to me: faith.

We cannot know how life will unfold, or when or why, but we can find ways of trusting in the unknowing, and in that trusting I have found we receive a special kind of access to working with the subtle forces that are at play in our life.

Being at peace with not knowing, having faith, is a very powerful place to be, and it's the place I invite you into in the book.

In this episode I read to you chapter one of my book 'Everything I Do Not Know', as well as the prologue which offers a little insight into my 'why'.

I want to add a content warning to this episode as I do talk about suicide and share a personal experience of suicidal behaviour in this podcast.

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If this is a difficult time for you, or this episode prompts you to seek support and you are in Australia please phone Beyond Blue on Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636.

Internationally check here for resources.