What is a mystic?

07 Sep 2022

The spiritual world is FULL of different labels that seek to define who or what people believe in.

All the jargon can be a little confusing, and perhaps not very helpful in dissolving the boundaries that exist between us so we can find mutual understanding and respect.

It can also feel scary to 'claim' spiritual vocabulary for ourself. It's as if we think we need to reach a certain level of holiness before we could identify as belonging to a particular group.

Over the years, I've come to identify most comfortably with mystic spirituality, which is not really a group at all, but instead a way of seeing the world.

A mystic is not bound by the dogma or doctrine (unquestioned truths and rules) of any particular religion, they are informed by the teachings and practices of teachers throughout the ages, but live a spiritual life that is guided by their own personal connection to the divine.

In this episode we explore what mystic spirituality is and how it might be a useful lens through which we can more freely explore our spiritual life.

The modern mystics I refer to in this episode are Richard Rohr and Mirabai Starr. I recommend both their newsletters as potent sources of wisdom and insight.