The Thinning Of The Veil

09 Jul 2022

How do we access intuition?

Mystics have long spoken about a veil that exists between the physical world and the spiritual world. Beyond the veil is where we access intuition and commune with the unseen.

So how do we cross that threshold? What is the thinning of the veil?

In this episode, we explore:

  • What are duality and non-duality?
  • 'Oneing": Merging with the divine
  • The thinning of the veil around menstruation
  • Questions to draw us into the place beyond the veil
  • Echoes in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali
  • How can we know what an intuitive "yes" and "no" feel like in our body?
  • What is dowsing?
  • How to dowse and why
  • The limitations of dowsing
  • A real-life example of using dowsing.

The questions I pose to lead us towards the subtle realm are:

  • When are you most relaxed in yourself?
  • When are you most relaxed in your spirit? There‚Äôs a different flavour here, perhaps of deeper intimacy.
  • When is it that your mind is most quiet?

When you find yourself in this state, drop right into it. Let yourself immerse fully into that place beyond the veil, the place where time slows.

Pose yourself a question. It could be. "What do I need to know today?"

Continue to soften your edges and quiet your inner voice, what is the deeper truth that comes to the fore?

In this episode I mention Julian of Norwich a 14th century who you can read more about in this book.

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