Keeping Rhythm: Alice Browning

13 May 2019

Today we have a little interview with a little yogi. Ali is the master of raw honesty, juicy flows and words that cut through your insta feed and speak right to your heart. Ali shares the teachings of yoga in Sydney. Here's a little about how she stays in tuned in, tapped in, turned on...

How do you start your day?

If I’m not waking in the dark, quiet hours to teach a 6am class, I try my best to s l o w down & savour the moments before the planning and business. At the moment that looks like a cup of warm apple cider vinegar, 3-6 rounds of Kapalabhati breath* and light stretches before caffeine.

And cuddles with my dog, many many dog cuddles... that’s good for the soul.

How do you include ritual in your life?

Coffee. Presence. Movement.

In your words...

Love: infinite

Faith: trust

God : purpose

What is the greatest lesson you have learnt about intimate relationship?

There is you, and you, that is the most important relationship. Everything else is a mirror reflecting a lesson, but, my god can they be heart wrenching, breath taking months, years, lifetime lessons.

What might surprise us about you?

I’m an ex Burlesque dancer. So as much as my drawers are overflowing with Lycra there is a suitcase up the top of my wardrobe filled to the brim with sequins, feathers and lace.

Who/where/what do you draw inspiration from?

Poetry, people watching and listening to my body.

Do you have a mantra that’s particularly close to your heart?

I do.

Om Ritam Namah.

My intentions and desires are aligned with cosmic law.

You can stay in touch with Ali by following @igniteyoga_ali or subscribing to her website.

*(added by me) For anyone wondering, kapalabhati is a fire-y and energising breathing practice that's perfect for these cold autumn mornings. Here's a free five minute how-to.