Rhythmkeeper Manifesto

12 Aug 2021

Sacred values of the Rhythmkeeper community and lifestyle

To be keeping rhythm is to be living in harmony with your self

your time

and your place

It is curiosity: a state of wonder about life


and meaning

It is unlearning in order to move towards truthfulness

It is listening for insight

and trusting the guidance you receive

It is discernment between fear and Intuition

between your own voice and the voices of others

It is paying attention to the messages of the seasons

It is moving with divine timing


or l e a p i n g to dance the dance gracefully

It is trusting that what is meant for you is moving toward you

and all you need to do is stay open

It is honouring the shedding of skins

the new

the losses and miracles

It is wholehearted unwavering belief

in the power of intention

to manifest your innate potential.

This is what it is to be keeping rhythm.