Body Peace: A course in radical self-acceptance

01 Sep 2021


Would you love to be at peace with your body? Would you love to trust that your body will intuitively eat and exercise in ways that make you feel and look good? Would love to access the missing piece of the self-acceptance puzzle so you can be free of body shame and diet culture? Cultural standards of beauty and thinness can wear us down, but we can cultivate an inner peace to counteract it.

Many of us are familiar with the cycle of body dissatisfaction, shame, frustration, compulsive or restrictive eating, negative thought spirals and appearance-focused exercising.

Although it's most often suffered in silence, know that you are not alone in feeling like you are carrying unnecessary weight and don't know why or how to release it.

I know too well the feeling of wanting to look and feel different but nothing you try works, or it works for a little while, and then you end up back where you started trying to summon the courage to begin the next diet or exercise regime, 'falling off the bandwagon' and then punishing yourself or giving up altogether. Body shame and diet culture seem like inevitable lifelong burdens.

If you have grown tired of this cycle and are ready to address the root causes - welcome! Welcome to a place where you will be given the tools to learn to accept yourself as you are, unpack your belief systems around body image, weight and food, and cultivate a harmonious relationship with your physical self.

My experience is unique and in many ways privileged, but there is a universality to the underlying causes of body shame and a universality to the way it can be healed. Regardless of your pain, your size, or your experiences in your body, there are tools that enable us to access our propensity towards peace and acceptance.

It is possible to maintain a stable body weight and friendly relationship to your body without endless diet and exercise protocols. It is possible to make peace with your physical body and inhabit yourself without shame.

These are the spiritual tools that can make this your reality.

Study at your own pace
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